2017 High Alpha Summit: Day One

The 2017 High Alpha Summit is officially underway!  Brothers from across the country and Canada arrived in Indianapolis, Thursday, Jan. 12 to begin their lessons in leadership and how to influence their chapter members to become true brothers.

Over 100 brothers are attending the 2017 High Alpha Summit.

While most participants were eager to meet and connect with other brothers, it was the common goal of all to take home ideas on how to better serve their chapters.

“I’m most looking forward to learning how to help our chapter grow and thrive for years to come,” said Kreed Karr of Texas A&M-Kingsville.

Alphas were welcomed by Nick Zuniga, Director of Chapter Services, along with Mark Fletcher McElreath, Grand High Alpha. Both stressed the importance of the weekend and challenged attendees to look beyond the seminars and small groups.

“I believe that the capacity for greatness in our fraternity exists here tonight,” proclaimed Zuniga. “We are going to motivate you to commit to leading with purpose and with passion and that’s what we hope to start your journey to this weekend.”

The night concluded with an address from Educational Foundation Board member John Brechin.  Tackling the subject of strategic planning, Brechin left listeners with this simple thought: “Build your skills to lead today’s chapter, on your way to leading tomorrow’s world.”

The summit and our coverage continue Friday, Jan. 13 with group sessions followed by a service trip to Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana.