2017 High Alpha Summit: Day Three

The last day of the 2017 High Alpha Summit focused on growing chapters for years to come.  Through one-on-one consultations, presidents were able to voice their concerns and present ideas to a skilled facilitator.

Throughout the weekend, brothers learned to think in new ways and become better leaders.

Consultation meetings were interspersed with the last keynote speakers of the conference, starting with the founder and CEO of The Leadership and Training Studio, Erin Fischer.  A seasoned veteran of the seminar world, Fischer led a course titled “Thinking Inside the Box”, allowing brothers the tools necessary for narrowing their focus to make clean and concise decisions.  Above all, though, Fischer implored summit-goers to grow their personal connections with other members of their fraternity.

“Don’t forget about that human experience,” said Fischer.  “Don’t forget what brotherhood means; even in the general sense, we talk about it all the time, but what we really want you to remember is that people need to be accounted for and feel like they belong and are connected.”

The second keynote speaker of the day, Greg Castanias, a member of the Board of Directors of the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation, built upon this idea of the human connection and creating a bond for life.

“We, as Lambda Chis, offer something more, different, special and proven to make men better men,” said Castanias.  “I believe what we have as Lambda Chis sells itself if we keep our eyes on what defines us.”

Alphas partook in one last final meal to close the weekend, a time to reflect on lessons learned and bonds formed.

“The High Alpha Summit was always meant to be a network of support,” said Marcus Kelley, Associate Director of Education.  “It’s awesome that this year we’ve seen an increase in attendance from chapters that haven’t attended previously and we hope that this trend continues.”