2017 High Alpha Summit: Day Two

With a bright and early start, Day Two of the High Alpha Summit started with a bang.  Brothers  had the pleasure of beginning their morning with their first keynote speaker of the day, Peter Yobo.  A graduate of the University of Southern California and the 2011 Duke Flad Outstanding Undergraduate recipient, Yobo now works for TYG Consulting, allowing companies to envision their future as leaders by investing in and empowering their employees.

Peter Yobo raises the energy level in an early morning session.

Yobo took this concept and provided participants with a roadmap to become successful leaders.

“High Alphas need to remember that they are leading men, they’ve been entrusted with the lives of men throughout a full year,” said Yobo.  “Men are going to be forged this weekend, leaders are going to be forged here this weekend, and I just hope that the High Alphas here will feel the weight of the opportunity they have and just dive right in.”

Following a break-out session later in the morning, buses were loaded as the summit underwent a change of scenery, arriving at Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana.

“Until Every Bowl is Filled”

Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana is part of the Feeding America network of food banks nationwide, serving 21 counties around the Central Indiana area.

Though Gleaners mainly operates as a food bank, distributing supplies to other food pantries and shelters, the Indianapolis location also serves as its own pantry.  Open four days of the week, this site serves about 2,000 shoppers per week.

Volunteers, such as Lambda Chi brothers, are the backbone of Gleaners.

During the High Alphas’ visit, brothers were tasked with sorting food items, checking in food, and learning how the facility operates.

“Being able to see the process of what happens to that donation, how handing it in to handing it out to a client, I think that is important for them,” said Jessica Barnett, Volunteer Manager at Gleaners.

While the men were only on location for a few hours, each gained an experience for a lifetime.

“It’s really good to give back, there are a bunch of guys here that want to help and are willing to help,” said Calvin Komiske of West Virginia University.  “It starts at the top, so it’s good that the High Alphas are here and can show everybody that we want to get members active.”


The day ended with a session regarding the legal liability shouldered by each High Alpha, led by Lynn Chipperfield, General Counsel for Lambda Chi.

Summit proceedings will conclude Saturday, Jan. 14.