30 Day Challenge to Become a Better Recruiter

By Chris Buck, Associate Director of Expansion


Do you think you are a good recruiter? Do you want to get better? Take the next 30 days to challenge yourself and step up your game! Here are 30 challenges, one for you to tackle each day for the next month. Note: these don’t have to be done in order, rather as opportunities rise and as they fit into your life.

  1. Attend a recruitment training retreat/session. If there isn’t one available, plan one with your High Delta.
  2. Work with the High Delta and the Recruitment Committee to create a recruitment plan. If you are not sure where to start, grab the Recruitment Plan Template and Guide on LCAone.org.
  3. Write a testimonial about your Lambda Chi Alpha experience. Say what you have gained, enjoyed, or love about being a member. Then post that testimonial on your chapter/colony’s social media.
  4. Add 10 names of unaffiliated men to the chapter/colony’s names list. These should be guys that the chapter should pursue.
  5. Talk to a random guy in the dining hall. Challenge yourself more and ask him to have lunch with you, I dare you.
  6. Ask a person from another organization if they know of any unaffiliated men that you should connect with. These can be organizations like Student Government, a sorority, or a multicultural organization.
  7. Plan a small activity to engage potential members.
  8. Ask a faculty or professional staff member for the names of guys the chapter/colony should connect with. This one is a struggle for many, but you can do it.
  9. Read Social Excellence or Good Guys by Josh Orendi and Matt Mattson (Start this early!). These books will assist you in stepping up your recruitment skills.
  10. Cold call 10-15 guys on your names list. Invite them to grab a cup of coffee or to just meet. Try to get to know them and not throw Lambda Chi Alpha out there, right out of the gate. If you are unsure how to make a cold call, refer to the Recruitment Plan Guide on LCAOne.org.
  11. Have a conversation with a potential member without saying “I” or “me” for the first 10 minutes.
  12. Have 2-5 meetings with potential members. These should last between 15 – 20 minutes and should be about building a relationship with the men.
  13. Invite 5 potential members to a small activity. A small activity can include playing a sport with a few brothers, an impromptu dinner with brothers, or heading to the library to study.
  14. Bring 3-5 potential members to a chapter/colony recruitment activity or event.
  15. Meet with 2-4 potential members for the second time to see where they are in the process, what concerns they have, and to answer questions. You should have already met with these men.
  16. Get 5-10 names from a potential member of guys that you should reach out to.
  17. Plan a social media campaign where everyone in the chapter gets #whyLambdaChi trending. Encourage them to share their stories OR start posting “Meet a Member” and showcase the awesome brothers and associates in your chapter/colony.
  18. Reserve a table and do an hour of active tabling to generate 25-45 names.
  19. Participate in a service project and invite 2-4 potential members to attend.
  20. Schedule a 1:1 meeting with a potential member and bring a newly bided member with you. This is a great opportunity to teach future recruiters.
  21. Invite a potential member to your chapter/colony business meeting. Let them see the business side of the fraternity.
  22. Pre-close a potential member.
  23. Extend a bid to join to a potential member and have it accepted.
  24. Hold a recruitment training skills workshop with all the men who have joined since the last workshop.
  25. Update the chapter/colony’s names list and ensure that all potential members have been contacted in the past 7 days. If not, assign them to members and have a cold calling party.
  26. Work with the High Delta to create a survey and collect information on why guys joined Lambda Chi Alpha. This could help you in the future.
  27. Read a Phired Up Blog and share what you learned with the rest of the chapter/colony.
  28. Sit next to a new guy in one of your classes and try to build a friendship.
  29. Ask your High Delta or another brother for feedback on how you did on recruitment and how you can improve.
  30. Encourage your chapter/colony to promote the invitation of potential members to events after the campus’ formal recruitment process.

Many of the challenges are things that you can do multiple times throughout the next 30 days; feel free to push yourself beyond doing just these 30. To encourage your success, I would challenge you to enlist the help of a fellow brother to help hold you accountable and push each other to successfully complete this challenge.

Best of luck as you take on being a better recruiter in the next 30 days!

Chris Buck

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