5 things you didn’t know about being an ELC

Dating back to the earliest years of our fraternity; support and interaction with the Office of Administration and the General Fraternity staff has been a critical component of our success. The Educational Leadership Consultant (ELC) is one of the finest examples of servant leadership and a boundless opportunity for recent graduates to interact and mentor undergraduate brothers, chapters and colonies all over North America. With significant job training, a focus on interpersonal dynamics, and personal growth and development; the Lambda Chi Alpha ELC is recognized as one of the top young professionals in the field of higher education.

Applications are still being accepted up until Feb. 15, 2016. Meaning that until then, you can find the application here, and have two weeks to get it sent to Associate Director of Chapter Services Josh Womack by emailing him at jwomack@lambdachi.org.

More than likely, we all have a basic understanding of what an ELC does, as you’ve no doubt met one or two once a semester since your affiliation with Lambda Chi Alpha. But there are a number of things that often go overlooked or under appreciated.

Welcome to the “Crossroads of America”


During the summer and winter holiday, ELCs live in furnished apartments near the Lambda Chi Alpha Headquarters in Carmel, Ind., a northern suburb of Indianapolis. 

“Oh the places you’ll go…”


It’s well known that ELCs travel from chapter to chapter, but its the beauty of North America that truly gets to be experienced. ELCs get a say in what region they travel. It’s your opportunity to see a part of the world you’ve never seen before.

We’re looking for a wide range of brothers


You don’t have to have been a High Alpha. We aren’t looking for men who have held any particular chapter office, but rather brothers who are passionate about Lambda Chi Alpha.

The connections to be made


Through your travels as an ELC you will meet thousands of collegiate and alumni brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha. Make sure to take advantage of this as you never know who might be able to open a door for you in the future!

Your chance to be part of the greater LCA family


Summer conferences, High Alpha Summits, Conclaves, and more! As an ELC you will attend almost all major Lambda Chi Alpha functions throughout the year. At many of these events you will assist with planning and you’ll play a part in making sure everyone who attends has a first class experience.

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