All in the Family: Reno Member Shares Unique Bond with Father and Two Biological Brothers

Josh Fleiner knew he would always be a Lambda Chi Alpha. While most kids dream about being firefighters and astronauts, the University of Nevada-Reno freshman had a different dream: to share a priceless bond with his father and two biological brothers.

Fleiner was excited to join Lambda Chi Alpha to share a bond with his family. Photo courtesy of the Reno chapter.

Fleiner is a triple legacy, his two brothers and dad a part of the Reno chapter before him. So when the efforts to recolonize came to fruition in the fall semester of 2017, the microbiology major was one of the first to sign his bid.

Now serving as the High Alpha of the group, Fleiner is gaining firsthand leadership experience, while making his family proud in the process.

“That’s the best part to me, making them proud, and not only being blood brothers, but fraternity brothers as well,” said Fleiner.

Fleiner with his mom and dad, who is also a Lambda Chi. Photo courtesy of Josh Fleiner.

While some parents may be hesitant to let their children join Greek life, given the current climate and negative views today, Fleiner said his family was quite the opposite. Because they knew the importance of brotherhood and the benefits it could provide their son for the rest of his life, Fleiner’s parents were on board completely.

“It helps because they are very supportive of it,” stated Fleiner. “Some parents don’t like the whole Greek thing, but being a legacy, they are in full support of it.”

Fleiner says that he remembers being around alumni events for as long as he can remember, and now that he has joined the brotherhood, his bond with his family has become even stronger.

“You all have gone through the ritual, and any time there is an alumni event, they are always there,” said Fleiner. “The stuff we are doing at Reno, my dad and brothers are very proud of it.”

Following college, Fleiner will join the Marine Corps as an officer, where he hopes to put his leadership skills to use. In the meantime though, he will continue to make his brothers proud, both blood and fraternity.

“It makes me feel more passionate about it because just having my brothers and dad in the fraternity, I want to succeed as much as possible,” said Fleiner. “From an early age, I’ve wanted to be a Lambda Chi, and it’s something that has been very important to me.

“I’ve been around it so much that it definitely puts more pride and passion in it.”

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