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Alpha Phi and seven other sororities oppose “Safe Campus Act”

Alpha Phi sorority announced last Thursday that the organization does not support the controversial campus sexual assault bill referred to as the “Safe Campus Act.”

The following day seven other greek organizations declared their opposition to the campus rape bill including, Phi Mu, Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Phi Epsilon, Gamma Phi Beta, Sigma Delta Tau and Delta Gamma.

In a statement acquired by The Huffington Post, Alpha Phi expressed that:

“We believe our sisters who are survivors should have choices in how, when and to whom they go to for support or to report the crime. They should have their own voice and the support and encouragement they need to move forward including reporting as they choose to.” (Via HuffPost)

“Many of our members — both collegians and alumnae — had expressed concern that NPC’s endorsement of these two bills implied that Alpha Phi had endorsed them. We wanted to clarify to them that we had not,” Kahangi said. (Linda Kahangi, Executive Director of Alpha Phi.) (Via HuffPost)


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