Auburn Sophomore, Jacari Holt, Finds His Life’s Purpose Through Service and Brotherhood

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5000 hours.

5000 hours, the equivalent of 208 days. Enough time for an extended vacation or the seasons to change.

This number also represents the amount of community service hours that sophomore Jacari Holt has volunteered in his community.

While this incredible feat has been years in the making for the political science major, Holt remembers how he almost missed his chance to enter into the service world.

Holt recalls his mother signing up to serve as her company’s representative for the Relay for Life survivors’ banquet. Knowing that it could be a good opportunity for her son, Holt’s mother asked him to join her at the banquet to help. He says he was nervous at first, but then his doubts were immediately thrown out the window when he arrived.

After such an eye-opening experience, Holt was hooked.

“I just really felt a calling to enter into the public service to serve and not be served,” stated Holt.

Holt started his love of service at a young age and has continued through his Lambda Chi days. Photo courtesy of The Times Daily.

Following the banquet, Holt searched for other volunteer opportunities and soon immersed himself in the community service world.

Holt became involved with organizations such as his community’s volunteer fire department, United Way, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, and the Boy Scouts of America.  He was even asked to speak at the United Way’s annual meeting during high school.

Through his work with the fire department, Holt was approached by two candidates who were both running for state senate, so he then tried his hand in serving on campaigns.

Holt quickly realized that his calling in life was and forever would be serving others, which led him to Lambda Chi Alpha. As a freshman, he looked at several other fraternities, but soon realized that Lambda Chi was for him.

“I really found my community with those guys,” said Holt. “Our motto is serving others; it has taught me to serve selflessly and to glorify God in all of my work.”

Holt hopes to continue his love of service after his college days. Photo courtesy of Jacari Holt.

Now in college, Holt’s enthusiasm to help others has only grown. On Auburn’s campus, he serves as director of health and wellness for the Interfraternity Council (IFC), where he oversees the Green Dot certification process for sexual harassment prevention and is involved in training others for suicide prevention.

Holt is looking forward to continuing to help not only his community around him, but spreading awareness for the good of community service.

“It means a lot to me and it says a lot about what you believe as a person,” said Holt. “We are here to serve people, make a difference and impact others’ lives.

“One way of doing that is just simply volunteering.”

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