Best of the Web: Nov. 1 — Nov. 6

Welcome to the Best of the Web for the second week of November. Each week we’ll bring you a round up of some of the best photos, videos and tweets that brothers and friends across the country are sharing. Use the hashtags #LambdaChiAlpha and #LambdaChi to get our attention or tag us directly at @LambdaChiAlphaIHQ on Instagram and @LambdaChiAlpha on Twitter.

Our Associate Member’s with their AM kits! #lambdachi A photo posted by Lambda Chi Alpha @ Ship (@lca_ship) on

I am beyond proud of these three men standing to my side. To my first #Little @jhampton724 , I’m extremely thankful for you having been an amazing little last semester, and for being a wonderful big this semester to Alan. To my #GrandLittle @razorbackhay , I’ve loved watching you grow in the teachings of #LambdaChiAlpha and seeing you react to everything in the same way Jake had with me. And to my most recent little @austinwayne12 , you blew me away with how quickly you caught on to things and I am glad to see you applying the teachings of #LambdaChi to your life every day. You are all beautiful and hard working dudes, and I am honored to be the #GrandBig and #Big of the chivalrous men of the Havernacki family. Congratulations on making it through initiation Austin and Alan!! #ZAX #BetaPsi

A photo posted by JT Jackson (@laxbro1399) on

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