Bloomsburg Colony Recharters 

On May 6, the Bloomsburg University Lambda Chi Alpha colony officially rechartered, becoming a chapter once again of the fraternity.

Undergraduate members worked diligently to make the celebration one to remember.  In addition to Lambda Chi staff members and undergraduates, many alumni were in attendance.

Grand High Phi, David Huffine, issued a challenge to Bloomsburg brothers to strive for excellence.

The night was capped off by a speech given by Grand High Phi, David Huffine.  In his address to brothers, Huffine not only celebrated the great achievement, but also challenged the newly-rechartered chapter to continue to go the extra mile and uphold their duty to Lambda Chi Alpha.

Beta-Xi members were also asked to remember that chartering is only half of the battle; the journey has just begun.

Brothers left the event energized, though, and ready to take on the responsibility of operating as a chapter once more.

“As someone who was part of a recolonization as an undergraduate, I don’t think that there is a more exciting time in a founder’s undergraduate experience than knowing that all of the hard work that you put in to become an officially recognized Lambda Chi Alpha chapter came to fruition,” said Chris Buck, Associate Director of Expansion.  “At times, it is super challenging, and I know the Bloomsburg men at times had membership dips and struggles that they had to overcome, and I think it is just a very humbling experience, and when you finally get across the finish line, it’s a really big relief and a really exciting time.”

As for the future of the Beta-Xi chapter, alumni and staff alike have high hopes for the brothers.  Buck says that he wants to see the Bloomsburg chapter stand out among the other Lambda Chi chapters and even be a contender for the Grand High Alpha award in a few years.

For now, though, the celebration of the rechartering continues, and brothers look forward to great things to come.

“Commitment to academic excellence, to leadership, to having a beneficial fraternal experience that is really just building great men is what we want, and I expect it from them,” said Buck.