Brothers of Pi-Lambda at St. Louis College of Pharmacy Balance Academics and Fraternity

The Pi-Lambda chapter at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy [STLCOP] is not your average Lambda Chi chapter. Just ask members Paul Luebbers, Sheldon Kolawole, and Ahmad Jacksi.

For all three men, Greek life was not on their radars going into such a specialized college, but one look at what Lambda Chi had to offer, and each was sold for their own reasons.

“Just talking to them [Lambda Chi brothers] and hearing what they stood up for, what they believed in, and what their goals are in life, I found that similarity between myself and them,” said Jacksi. “I found out that if I surround myself with the people who strive for the same things that I strive for, hopefully they will help me reach my goals while I help them reach their goals.”

The quad on STLCOP’s campus.

While their experiences could be compared to the many other great stories from across the fraternity, the three pharmacy students are in a very unique environment. The college is obviously academically-driven, with each member of the chapter striving for the same goal. This produces its own unique set of challenges in terms of time management skills and realizing each member’s priorities, but the benefits of being part of Lambda Chi on such a focused campus are invaluable.

“I think that’s what really sets up apart, we get the best of both worlds,” said Luebbers. “We have that professional aspect of being here for pharmacy and professional degrees, but then we also have that Lambda Chi aspect where we still have all of the community service, philanthropic events, community outreach, which is super important for pharmacy because we are here to help our patients and the community as a whole.”

Each brother has his own story to tell, despite all being on campus for the pharmaceutical aspect. Luebbers served as student government president last year. Kolawole is the current High Beta, while also completing his obligations to the tennis team as captain and a member of the men’s soccer team. Jacksi gives back to the fraternity on the High Kappa committee and served as the High Sigma last year and is also part of the men’s soccer team.

Between all of the obligations and commitments to their school work, all three men agree that Lambda Chi Alpha has given them many opportunities that they would never gain anywhere else. For Luebbers, this came in the form of being a part of the International Ritual Team at the 56th General Assembly. He says that the connection formed between other brothers from across North America was priceless.

Brothers of the Pi-Lambda chapter attending their annual philanthropy event for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

Kolawole and Jacksi agree that the connections they have made through Lambda Chi will not only help them in their professional lives, but far beyond.

“It’s cool to see that connection [between Lambda Chi brothers], even though you might not have said one word to this person before, but you still share that bond,” said Kolawole.

Because the coursework, followed by rotations after the undergraduate experience, are so demanding, members of the Pi-Lambda chapter have become experts at splitting their time between academics and fraternity.

To brothers across the fraternity, the three STLCOP men give this advice: make sure to have your priorities straight and be loyal to all of your commitments, but don’t be afraid to rely on your brothers through thick and thin.

Looking forward, each member is excited for what the future will bring, but they know they will always have the stability of their brotherhood.

“I’m proud to wear my letters every day, whether that’s seeing my brothers during classes or a random alumnus from a different chapter,” said Kolawole. “I’m proud because I know that the standard us brothers hold for each other and ourselves is widespread, nationwide and it’s something I can look to any brother wearing those letters and say that’s somebody I can rely on…”

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