Called up to the Majors: Wilmington College Sophomore Earns Prestigious Internship with the Cincinnati Reds

Featured image courtesy of the Cincinnati Reds

Baseball is and always will be the longest season of any professional sport, stretching from early April to (if teams are lucky) October. It can be a grueling time for all involved, from the 14- hour work days to the stress of putting on a show for the fans.

For many, these factors would be enough to make them second guess working in such an environment. Not Jeff Clydesdale.

Though Clydesdale joined Lambda Chi Alpha just a semester ago, he is already making his brothers proud. Recently, the sophomore athletic training major accepted a prestigious internship position with the Cincinnati Reds.

Clydesdale is excited to take this first step in his athletic training career. He hopes to one day work for the Cleveland Cavilers.

The internship usually goes to a junior or senior athletic training major, said Clydesdale, but no upperclassmen applied this year. This turned into a major opportunity for Clydesdale.

“I get to go in and do what I love every day and get to be around a sport,” said Clydesdale. “A lot of people don’t get to see 81 home games, which is something I will be able to do.”

Clydesdale will start his time with the Reds on April 12 and work through the season until September 30. In his position, he will assist the athletic trainers by setting up water for games and providing heat and ice for players as needed.

While some might be starstruck in a setting like this, Clydesdale is more excited to perfect his trade and learn from the best.

“A lot of people would probably say getting to meet the players [is what they are looking forward to], but I’m most looking forward to the experience,” said Clydesdale. “Being so young in that setting, it’s going to open my eyes to a lot of cool opportunities and things, so that’s what I am most excited for.”

Clydesdale affirms that he would not have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, though, without the help and support of his brothers. It was many of those brothers, sharing the same major, who helped recruit Clydesdale and continue to guide him in his professional aspirations, after all.

When Clydesdale does begin his journey into the realm of professional sports (somewhere he hopes to work after his college career is over), he knows the support of his brothers will be unwavering and the Core Values will see him through.

“Our Core Values are something that have stuck with me every day since I joined, and they are values that I have had throughout my life before joining Lambda Chi,” said Clydesdale. “Those motivate me every day with what I do.”

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