ELC Applications for 2018 are Live

Interested in working for one of the greatest traveling staffs in the Greek world?  Here is your chance!  The Educational Leadership Consultant (ELC) position is a coveted position in our Fraternity.  Among the jack-of-all-trades duties an ELC executes, his primary goal is to impact the chapter leaders of our Fraternity.  He accomplishes that in many ways:

  • Extensive summer training in Carmel, IN with company housing
  • Comprehensive practice in public speaking and peer coaching
  • Skills application at conferences and special chapter visits
  • Biannual visitation of various regions in the U.S. and Canada

Does this sound like an adventure to you?  Have ever dreamed of being paid to talk about your Fraternity?  Listen up!

The application process for the ELC position is now LIVE for the 2018 hiring period.  Check out details about the position and application here.  Review the requirements for the application.  (Note: minimum requirements include being a U.S. citizen, obtaining a bachelor’s degree, providing one’s own vehicle for travel, and being an initiated member of LCA.)

Important dates for the hiring process:

  • September 1, 2017: Application is live via https://www.lambdachi.org/resources/lca-is-hiring/
  • December 31, 2017: Applications are due
  • January, 2018: Additional application assignments given and phone interviews are conducted
  • February, 2018: Interviews in Carmel, IN

If you have questions about the hiring process, please visit https://www.lambdachi.org/resources/lca-is-hiring/ or email Josh Womack at jwomack@lambdachi.org.

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