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ELC Regions Announced for Spring 2017

After a successful fall semester, the ELCs will hit the road once again.  195 chapters and colonies will receive a visit from an ELC.

In addition to chapter visits, three expansions will be in the works, including Houston Baptist, North Texas, and Johnson and Wales (Providence).  Teams of two ELCs will serve as the leads on these expansion projects.

The Chapter/Colony Operation Reflection & Elevation Report (CORE Report) will be the main focus of an ELC’s visit to a campus or colony.  With this report, chapter evaluation is placed in the undergraduates’ hands and allows for the members of each chapter or colony to showcase their year-round efforts on how they are  living the values of Lambda Chi Alpha.  Each ELC will help his chapter or colony with the CORE Report process before the April 15th deadline.

To learn how to contact each ELC and see his region, check out the information below:

thumbnail of ELC Map Spring 2017



Dylan Bateman: 317-605-1610


Zachary Bell:           317-690-2920


Joseph Berry:         317-696-7912


Nick Catalano:  317-695-4678

Michael Covert:     317-605-1192









Nick Gafron:     317-605-2696                        

Jim Gulbranson: jgulbranson@lambdachi .org      317-650-5115              


Nick Kobernik: 317-982-2085


Taylor Krivas:        317-519-5374


Alex Martens:   317-982-2084










Chris Pockette:   317-696-5464


Michael Weiner:  317-750-9013








For referral forms for future expansions, please contact  Associate Director of Expansion, Chris Buck at To see information on upcoming expansions, click here.




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