Event Planning Forms – Tips & Tricks #2

5 Sober Monitors-Base Line

“Every event requires a certain number of sober monitors. Depending on the size of the event and how many people are attending will change the total number of sober monitors required. No matter the size of the event minimum of 5 sober monitors will be required, but the total number of sober monitors required can best be determined by: (Number of Attendees)/15= (Number of Sober Monitors).


  1. Brotherhood retreat for a 90 man chapter/colony.
    1. 90/15= 6 sober monitors.
  2. Social with a sorority with 87 planned attendees.
    1. 87/15=5.8 sober monitors (All cases like this must be rounded up to the next whole number.) 6 sober monitors.


Jimmy Long
Jimmy Long
Associate Director of Communications & Multimedia


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