Five chapters granted chartering status

Over the weekend the Grand High Zeta approved the chartering of five chapters. In order for a colony to receive a charter it must meet specific benchmarks set by the General Fraternity (see “Chartering Standards” below). Once they meet these standards, the Grand High Zeta determines whether the colony is fully prepared to become a chapter.

Slated for chartering later this year, the list includes Huntingdon College, Shippensburg University, South Dakota State University, Stetson University and Syracuse University.



Chartering Standards

      Once a new colony is established, the men in that colony must work to meet specific standards in order to become a chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha. Below are those chartering standards:

1. THREE LETTERS OF FAVORABLE ENDORSEMENT: The Colony must secure a favorable endorsement from the High Zetas of three Active chapters within that Colony’s conclave or adjacent conclave area.

2. MONTHLY PROGRESS REPORTS: The Colony must submit monthly progress reports to the Office of Administration (received by the Associate Director of Chapter Services) throughout the colonization period.

3. INSTALLATION FUND: The Colony must have on hand sufficient funds for the anticipated expense of future installation (approximately $50/member).

4. MEMBERSHIP: The Colony’s membership, active and associate, must be equal in number to the campus average for fraternities, or 40, whichever is smaller, but in no event fewer than 20.

5. ACADEMICS: The Colony must achieve an annual cumulative scholastic grade point average of not less than a 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) or the all-men’s average for the campus (if this information is available), whichever is the lesser, but in any event not less than the scholastic average required for graduation. The Colony must enforce the academic standards as stated in the laws of the Fraternity.

6. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: The Colony must have at least 80% of its members engaged in extracurricular activities.

7. FINANCES: The Colony must be financially solvent, have an adequate accounting system, and operate under an approved budget.

8. RESERVE FUND: The Colony’s Reserve Fund, accumulated through payments of at least $2.50 per month per member ($4.00 for colonies with houses) must be established and maintained, and be held and controlled by the official alumni organization or the General Fraternity.

9. RITUAL EQUIPMENT: The Colony must have possession and ownership of a complete set of ritual equipment.

10. ALUMNI: The Colony must have an officially appointed High Pi and an established Alumni Advisory Board formed and functioning of at least three members.

11. BYLAWS: The Colony must operate under a set of bylaws, updated every two years and approved by the General Fraternity and enforce all laws of the Fraternity.

12. GENERAL FRATERNITY FUNCTIONS: The Colony must have at least one High Zeta member and another undergraduate member present at every General Assembly and Leadership Seminar. The Colony must have at least one High Zeta member and two other undergraduate members present at every Regional Leadership Conference.

13. HOUSE INSPECTION: The Colony must have its house or lodge inspected annually by a professionally certified Fire Marshal.

14. STANDARDS FOR CHAPTER EXCELLENCE: The Colony must implement and maintain the Standards for Chapter Excellence program of the General Fraternity, including the appointment or election of a Standards Chairman.

15. OPERATION FOR ONE YEAR: The colony must have operated continuously for a full year from the date of colonization.[/vc_column_text][vc_text_separator title=”C&C” color=”black”][/vc_column][/vc_row]