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General Assembly Award Recipients

While General Assembly is a time for exciting change and progress in our Fraternity, it is also a time to reflect on the success our chapters accomplish each semester. During each meal, Lambda Chi men from every generation were honored for their service to the values of the brotherhood.

Bruce H. McIntosh Standards for Chapter Excellence – Recognizes chapters who effectively use the Standards for Chapter Excellence program to continuously improve their fraternal experience.

Oregon State (Alpha-Lambda)

Rensselaer Polytechnic (Epsilon-Eta)

Southeast Missouri State (Delta-Phi)

Union (Lambda-Zeta)

John Carroll (Pi-Eta)

Rev. S. George “Doc” Dirghalli Scholastic Award – Recognizes chapters that have developed an outstanding program resulting in superior academic achievement of its members.

Franklin (Kappa-Gamma)

Gettysburg College (Theta-Pi)

North Texas Colony (Iota-Zeta)

Rensselaer Polytechnic (Epsilon-Eta)

Southeast Missouri State (Delta-Phi)

Texas-Austin (Alpha-Mu)

Union (Lambda-Zeta)

Worcester Polytechnic (Pi)

Lewis A. Plourd Fraternity Education Award – Presented to chapters whose outstanding Fraternity Education Program includes the entire membership, involves alumni, and incorporates a highly effective Big Brother program.

Idaho (Epsilon-Gamma)

Iowa State (Alpha-Tau)

John Carroll (Pi-Eta)

Mercer (Zeta-Omega)

New York (Theta-Upsilon)

Oregon State (Alpha-Lambda)

Pennsylvania (Epsilon)

Rensselaer Polytechnic (Epsilon-Eta)

Southeast Missouri State (Delta_Phi)

Texas-San Antonio (Phi-Upsilon)

Virginia Commonwealth (Pi-Tau)

Wabash (Alpha-Kappa)

Tozier Brown Public Affairs Award – Recognizes chapters with the most outstanding programs of community service and philanthropic activities. 

Oregon State (Alpha-Lambda)

John Carroll (Pi-Eta)

Georgia Tech (Beta-Kappa)

Mercer (Zeta-Omega)

Baldwin Wallace (Kappa-Phi)

Southeast Missouri State (Delta-Phi)

Worcester Polytechnic (Pi)

Union (Lambda-Zeta)

Montevallo (Sigma-Epsilon)

Arkansas State (Iota-Theta)

Missouri Science and Technology (Alpha-Delta)

Warren A. Cole Recruitment Program Award – Recognizes chapters that have developed and implemented well organized and effective recruitment programs.

Oregon (Zeta-Omicron)

Tulsa (Epsilon-Upsilon)

Akron (Gamma-Alpha)

Georgia Tech (Beta-Kappa)

Gettysburg (Theta-Pi)

Oregon State (Alpha-Lambda)

Arkansas State (Iota-Theta)

Maryland-College Park (Epsilon-Pi)

Virignia Commonwealth (Pi-Tau)

Arizona State (Zeta-Psi)

Union (Lambda-Zeta)

Rensselaer Polytechnic (Epsilon-Eta)

Washington State (Tau)

Samford (Theta-Alpha)

Southeast Missouri State (Delta-Phi)

Karl Krapek Values Grant

Minnesota State University

South Dakota School of Mines & Technology


Missouri State

New Hampshire


Order of Merit – Since 1935 the Fraternity has recognized unusual, lengthy, and dedicated service — particularly at the local chapter level — with election to the Order of Merit.

Robert J. Graveline, Epsilon-Zeta 445 (University of North Dakota)

David W. Landry, Alpha-Gamma 867 (University of South Dakota)

Robert F. McKinless, Omicron 612 (Cornell University)

Steve R. Parsons, Phi-Beta 341 (Eastern Kentucky University)

Rodney W. Roosevelt, Phi-Alpha 217 (Eastern Illinois University)

Raymond F. Willeford, Beta-Kappa 698 (Georgia Tech)

Order of Achievement – The Order of Achievement is presented to those brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha who have distinguished themselves by outstanding accomplishment in their chosen field and serve as a role model through their success and have thereby brought honor and respect to our great Fraternity.

Larry Holley, Epsilon-Nu 416 (William Jewell)

Cyril F. “Duke” Flad Outstanding Undergraduate Award 

This year’s recipient of the Cyril F. “Duke” Flad Outstanding Undergraduate Award is Andrew Ross D’Entremont from our Alpha-Phi chapter at the University of Alabama. Ross is expected to graduate in 2019 with both a bachelor’s and master’s in political science. He currently serves as the chapter treasurer and has served as alumni chairman and executive committee member.

An Eagle Scout, Ross earned first place for the College of Education undergraduate research convention for his comparative research into the Alabama Accountability Act and Cuban Literacy Campaign. For SGA, he served as first year council secretary senator for the College of Arts and Sciences and chairman of the student affairs committee. He was twice vice president for academic affairs.

Feeding America – Special recognition awarded to the top 3 chapters.

First Place – Gamma-Upsilon Zeta at North Carolina State University

Second Place – Pi at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Third Place – Alpha-Lambda at Oregon State University




Phoenix Award

The Phoenix Award is intended to honor chapters who have risen from the ashes to truly exemplify the ideals of Lambda Chi Alpha. This year’s recipient was Delta-Delta at Spring Hill College.




Grand High Alpha Award

The Grand High Alpha Award recognizes chapters that have maintained a superior level of operations for over three consecutive years. This year’s winners include the following:

Epsilon-Xi at Florida Southern College

Epsilon-Zeta at the University of North Dakota

Alpha-Lambda at Oregon State University 


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