Position Description: Chapter Conduct Coordinator

Overview: Primary responsibility of the position is to support the Associate Director of Harm Reduction with all duties and responsibilities deemed appropriate in accordance with the goals and objectives of the General Fraternity.  A key focus of the position will be the coordination, management and education of chapter compliance to promote the undergraduate experience. This should be done with a focus on the Lambda Chi Alpha educational model and clear learning outcomes. Special focus will be provided to meeting and surpassing expectations and commitments to themselves, the host institution as well as the General Fraternity. Compliance Management will also focus on comprehensive tracking of learning and performance at the chapter level ensuring all chapters, colonies and alumni groups of the International Fraternity receive the highest level of service in an effective and timely manner.

Direct Report: Associate Director of Harm Reduction, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity.

Special Duties: The Chapter Conduct Coordinator should be willing to address the following:

  • Probation, Compliance, and Limited Operations: Manage Lambda Chi Alpha chapter discipline, including the progress of chapters with probation terms and educational outcomes. Management of these groups should reflect a consistent and dynamic approach to chapter discipline. Furthermore, management of these groups will be based on student development theory and focused on educating collegiate members of Lambda Chi Alpha.
  • Event Planning Forms: Manage the Event Planning Process component of Harm Reduction Programming.  Continue the implementation of the current Event Planning Process, as well as identify trends forming in chapter-level event planning. The primary responsibility is to review all Event Planning Forms and organize event planning data.
  • Oversight and Evaluation of the Harm Reduction Report: Review, and evaluate, the harm reduction report. This task shall be completed once each semester, for all chapters and colonies of the General Fraternity.
  • Harm Reduction Education: Assist the Associate Director of Harm Reduction in identifying current educational needs of the undergraduate member, and structuring educational programming to successfully fulfill meet desired outcomes.
  • Alumni Control Boards: Assist the Associate Director of Alumni Involvement in the comprehensive training, and ongoing support, of identified Alumni Control Boards.
  • Board Orders: Prepare executive orders, at the request of the Director of Chapter Services, for the deliberation of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity’s Board of Directors.
  • Field Reporting: Monitor the completion of chapter audit information field reports and notify the Associate Director of Chapter Services responsible for field operations of issues, trends and concerns. These concerns may often extend to providing staff support in response to a crisis situation.
  • Status of Chapters, Colonies, and Finance: Manage the protocol for the Status of Chapters and ensure comprehensive preparedness for the convening international conferences.
  • Incident Management: Assist the Associate Director of Harm Reduction in managing crisis incidents.
  • Perform other duties, as assigned, to meet objectives of the Fraternity.

Skill Sets: It is essential that the Chapter Conduct Coordinator have a high regard for the collaborative efforts of a team, with a spirit of support for its leader and members.


  • Be detailed oriented
  • Able to organize, set priorities, meet deadlines, and manage multiple projects consistently
  • Be a proven team leader and able to inspire others
  • Be able to critically assess a situation and identify both, problems and possible solutions
  • Possess strong written skills
  • Exercise a clear and articulate approach to all types communications
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook

Education: A bachelor’s degree is required.

Compensation: Competitive base salary along with health, 401(k), and vacation benefits.

To Apply: Send resume and cover letter to Alyssa Bennett at abennett@lambdachi.org.

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