IHQ offering 5 AFLV scholarships to undergrads

Lambda Chi Alpha is offering five full scholarships to our undergraduates to attend an AFLV LeaderShape session this summer.

The LeaderShape Institute® challenges participants to lead with integrity® while working towards a vision grounded in their deepest values.  Participants explore not only what they want to do, but who they want to be.

Dynamic, challenging, and exciting, the week is intended to produce a breakthrough in the leadership capacity of participants — benefiting them individually, as well as their respective communities and the organizations they will go on to lead and serve in the future.

AFLV sessions of LeaderShape® will bring together fraternity and sorority leaders from across North America to share in this experience, all under the umbrella of shared fraternal values.

Scholarship applications must be completed online through AFLV (see the link below). All applications must be submitted by March 16 for consideration. Scholarship funds do not cover travel expenses AFLV sessions. Click here for 2016 Scholarship information.

2016 Sessions

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