Johnson & Wales-Charlotte Brother Lives Out His Passion Through Hospitality Industry 


Video courtesy of JWUmedia

The vines were weighed down with the plump, fresh grapes, just waiting to be picked. Throughout the fields, an intoxicating aroma fills the air.

While House has a strong background in cooking, the beverage industry was what really interested him.

As Andrew House runs his fingers over the vines, he reminisces on the grand experiences he has been a part of during his short four weeks in Germany as a part of his study abroad program.  House was able to study at a small hospitality school in Germany, taking the time to travel to different wine regions throughout Germany and France.

House, a recent graduate from Johnson & Wales University-Charlotte (JWU-Charlotte), has devoted his life to the hospitality industry, more specifically to the beverage industry. For him, those experiences throughout Europe were just the beginning of a lifetime spent doing what he loves.

“I work in a wine shop, so recently I was able to tell people about this time I was in Burgundy and I was able to taste wine in the cellars, and it would really bring people back to the experience I had, which is a really cool opportunity,” recalled House.

Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina, House describes himself as the kind of student who would have been asked to stop fidgeting constantly; he always wanted to be doing more. Pair that with House’s immense love of talking to people and hearing their unique stories, and a hospitality prodigy was born.

“I’m very much a people-person, I like talking to people, I like being on my feet,” said House.  “I was an ADD kid who didn’t like to sit down in the classroom, so I think the hospitality industry is a home for people like myself.”

Though House entered his college career convinced he would leave a chef, he quickly fell in love with the beverage industry and has plans to explore the world of distribution.

House was one of four students chosen to share his JWU story, featured in the video above.

On campus, House could be found in every facet the university had to offer, from serving as a teaching assistant, to becoming a founding father of none other than Lambda Chi Alpha.

Because fraternity life was shiny and new when House was an undergraduate, he was hesitant at first to open himself to the experience.  But that love of people is what drew him.

“At first I wasn’t sure about it, fraternities were new on campus,” stated House.  “Then I saw the people who were joining this organization, those were the people I looked up to on campus, and I wanted to be associated with those people; so I decided to join, and I am a founding father of Lambda Chi at JWU-Charlotte, which is kind of cool.”

Although House graduated in February, he still remains close to both the campus and his brothers as an example of what a true brother looks like.

“Andrew is a fantastic representation of the determination and work ethic of the men in Pi-Upsilon,” said Taylor Krivas, ELC.  “Honestly, I’m not surprised he was chosen, with how this chapter acts as an example for the rest of the Johnson & Wales-Charlotte community.”

House credits Lambda Chi for reminding him of the importance of building relationships, which he carries forward in his career today.

So from traveling the vineyards of Europe to working the Masters golf tournament, House is a testament to his school and to the brotherhood of Lambda Chi, proving passion goes a long way.