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Volunteers Attending Neville Advisor’s College Benefit From Educational Foundation Donors

Lambda Chi Alpha volunteers can attend Neville Advisor’s College at no cost to them with the help of the Educational Foundation. Neville Advisor’s College is an advising training conference for High Pis, AAB members, ACB members and House Corporation officers.

Volunteers learn from industry experts in risk management and working with college students, as well as Lambda Chi Alpha policy and procedure.

Dennis Rook attended Neville Advisor’s College on behalf of the Iota-Zeta Colony at the University of North Texas.

“Neville Advisor’s College was eye opening from my perspective,” said Rook. “It helped me realize how hard the road ahead is for the UNT undergraduates and positioned me to be able to better assist them in their journey.”

More than 400 volunteers have benefitted from this training since 2014, and Lambda Chi Alpha looks forward to the event in 2018 for all volunteers.

“I had the privilege of delivering opening remarks and spoke about our volunteers executing the intent of our donors,” said Josh Lodolo, President & CEO of the Educational Foundation. “Without volunteers, the financial support provided by our generous donors would not make an impact.”

To learn more about the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation and how you can support its mission, please visit: https://www.lambdachi.org/give/.

Neville Advisors College 2017

Neville Advisor’s College 2017