Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation Announces 2017 Leadership Scholarship Recipients

The Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation is excited to award scholarships to more than 100 students attending the 2017 Stead Leadership Seminars. Scholarships are $550 each and will fully fund the registration fee for attendees.

These scholarships are made possible through a number of special funds administered by the Educational Foundation. Some scholarships have been created by donors, like the Kirk and Nancy Pond Endowed Scholarship and the George Spasyk Endowed Scholarship.

The Karl Krapek Values grant is designated by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. The grant funds three chapters to send five members each to the seminar, while also providing each chapter additional support for academic scholarships.

The chapters awarded the Krapek Grant for 2017 are Alpha-Mu Zeta (Texas – Austin), Gamma-Alpha Zeta (Akron) and Lambda-Iota Zeta (Wisconsin – Whitewater).

Drew Fritz, Wisconsin-Whitewater’s High Alpha, is honored that his chapter won the Karl Krapek Values Grant.

“We will have a wish list for what we want to learn at Stead,” Fritz said. “Our chapter is very young, and attending will help lay the foundation for the future of our chapter.”

“The Foundation is honored to award these scholarships to our undergraduates,” said Josh Lodolo, Educational Foundation CEO. “This summer, more than 600 of our men will learn best practices and leadership skills that will make a huge impact on their chapters for years to come. It’s exciting to know that more than 100 of them will be there through a fully funded Educational Foundation scholarship.”

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