Longtime executive secretary Jean Davenport passes away

Jean Blossom Davenport, 94

ins030632-1_20160301Jean Davenport died Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016, following a brief illness, at Marquette Senior Living in Indianapolis, Ind. Born May 24, 1921, in Richmond, Ind., to Jesse and Mary Ford Blossom, Jean was formerly of Richmond. She was an executive assistant for 20 years for the International Headquarters of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity.

Davenport joined staff in 1972 as secretary to Dennis Jorgensen, director of chapter services. She served in the chapter services department until 1977, she then became the executive secretary to George W. Spasyk.

Jean retired with George Spasyk in the fall of 1990 at the Memphis Tennessee General Assembly. They felt that they wanted to give Tom Helmbock, new executive director an opportunity to bring in new people.

A great friendship forged in the spirit of our fraternity, since retirement George and Jean have stayed in touch, getting together regularly over the years as they both called Indianapolis home.

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