62314936_Benitz MalcolmHow has your Lambda Chi Alpha experience attributed to success in your field or in other accomplishments?

Joining Lambda Chi Alpha at Gamma-Upsilon was one of the single, greatest decisions I have ever made. When I came into NC State as a freshman I did not realize what an impact joining a greek life organization would have. My time at Gamma-Upsilon is beyond the ability to describe in the capacity of words but GU Brother, John Kanipe, winner of this year’s Order of Merit Award, best describes it. Each year he speaks to our chapter and explains that our bond in brotherhood and our experience with the letters that we so proudly wear on our chest can only be explained by only using one word; serendipity. Expecting something good but receiving something great. I would not describe it any other way and I don’t think you can better explain our bond. For only those who share our letters can truly understand what I mean when I say that.

Over those four years, I grew in all aspects as a person and those 100 brothers that saw me at my highs and at my lows were there for every step of the way. The brothers at Gamma-Upsilon incorporate Lambda Chi’s core values through their daily lives and for that reason, I can easily say I would not be where I am today if it were not for my brothers. They were my classmates, tutors, teammates, mentors and still today and for the rest of my life, will be my best friends.

Being part of a fraternity such as Lambda Chi Alpha provides great opportunity for one to grow as a person and further enrich their journey through life. My freshman year, shortly after I was initiated, I was asked to be social chair for our young chapter. At that time, we had been back on campus for just a year with no chapter house and had under 25 men. I spent the next 2 ½ years as social chair and then was president for my senior year. When I walked this past May, we had 97 men, a chapter house, and several IFC awards under our belt including IFC Fraternity of the Year. Being an Officer for 3 ½ years at Gamma-Upsilon provided me with skill sets that I could not have learned anywhere else. I learned to manage, listen, and lead others through the positions I held. These skills would come to great use when I began my own company my junior year at North Carolina State University and holding the position as chief executive officer.

Going into my junior year, some brothers told me to join student government and so I did and was on the executive cabinet. Through my connections in student government, I ended up being introduced to my two future business partners. That second semester I officially co-founded a company that is now called Medicom. My senior year was not easy by any means. Instead of enjoying the last months of my time as an undergraduate as most seniors do, I was suddenly trying to balance school, being president of a 100 man chapter, trying to graduate with two degrees, and running a business. My advisors at the business school can tell you first hand that I would have not survived my senior year if it were not for the shoulders of my brothers to lean on.

They were the biggest supporters of me chasing my dream and I cannot explain how much that meant especially at times when everything seemed bleak. So when I am asked how did my experience at Gamma-Upsilon and being a Lambda Chi attribute to my success, I can proudly say that it was an instrumental part of my success both as an individual and professionally.

What do you hope to accomplish in your next 30 years, professionally, personally or fraternally?

Over the next thirty years, I can only imagine what life’s journey has in store for me personally, professionally and fraternally.

I hope that over the next thirty years I continue to grow as a person and continue to strive to live a life that has meaning and encapsulates Lambda Chi Alpha’s core values. I hope to continue to learn, help those who are less fortunate and make a difference in other’s lives.

Professionally, I can’t wait what is in store over the next three decades. I hope to expand my company’s early success and take Medicom to new, greater heights. As well as to continue to challenge barriers and overcome great obstacles to improve patient care.  I plan to see Medicom as the standard method for transferring patient data and to continue to be on the forefront of new technology for the healthcare industry. I envision that through our technology and great team, that we will be able to make a difference in the world and improve the quality of life for patients everywhere.

Lambda Chi Alpha has been a key part of my life and I do not see that changing anytime soon. I will continue to be involved as an alum and hope to continue the great success that Gamma Upsilon’s alumni, along with those of other chapters have already achieved. I will continue to carry the flame of our bond as brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha and look forward to seeing current and future undergraduates transition as the new generation of brothers and watch as they make the lamp light burn brighter than ever. Now and until I die, I will always be a Lambda Chi. In ZAX.

GU 1229


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