Neville Advisor’s College Impact: An Open Letter From Foundation CEO, Josh Lodolo

To our Generous Donors:

The weekend of Feb. 9-12,  Lambda Chi Alpha  hosted nearly 100 alumni volunteers for the Neville Advisor’s College in Indianapolis.  The conference was educational and inspirational; we provided our volunteers with training and resources to enhance their experience working with our undergraduate members.

I had the privilege of delivering opening remarks Thursday night and spoke about our volunteers executing the intent of our donors. Without volunteers, the financial support provided by our generous donors would not make an impact. The travel, lodging and other conference expenses were covered by the fraternity, offset by a foundation grant, so our volunteers did not have to pay to attend.

I think it’s safe to say our volunteers enjoyed their experience. During the conference,  a challenge was pushed by an alumnus, asking those in attendance to contribute so others can attend a future alumni training experience, gaining the same invaluable experience as those in attendance.  More than 60 alumni stepped up and contributed over $3,000. This speaks to the perceived value and is a great indication Lambda Chi Alpha is moving in the right direction.

We also asked our volunteers, if inspired, to write down what they were most appreciative of from the weekend.  Here is my favorite response:

“Simply put, thank you. No card can express my most sincere appreciation for my experience, my time, and my growth in Lambda Chi Alpha. Every brother can say Lambda Chi gave them family. For me, it was EVERYTHING! I moved about every two years as a military family. In my senior year, I lost my grandfather and older brother in a six-month period. I have an endless support of brothers closer than blood. Thank you, Lambda Chi Alpha, for the family I could have only wished for, helping me become a strong, honorable man, and for the chance to give somebody the same gifts you’ve given me. Faith, hope, and love…the greatest of these is love.”

It is obvious to me, the ROI from Neville Advisors College is significant, and we’re certainly inspiring others to give back.

Thank you for continuing to invest in our fraternity and our tremendous programming. It is because of you that we can continue the rich tradition that is Lambda Chi Alpha.

Yours in ZAX,



Neville Advisors College 2017

Photos from the 2017 Neville Advisor’s College