Recap: Grand High Zeta Board Meeting 

Over the weekend of April 21-23, the Grand High Zeta, Student Advisory Committee, and Professional Staff met in Nashville, Tennessee for their quarterly board meeting.

Chief Executive Officer, Bill Farkas

The gathering kicked off with a tour of the Vanderbilt campus, the location of the Stead Central Leadership Seminar (to register, click here).  Following, board members, along with Fraternity staff and Student Advisory Committee (SAC) members, celebrated brotherhood with an opening dinner.

All committees, including the Strategic Planning, Alumni, SAC, and Chapter Services committees, met Saturday to discuss issues facing the fraternity.  Main topics included improving alumni engagement, assessing forces that affect Lambda Chi Alpha on a college campus, and many others.

Left to right: David Huffine (Grand High Phi) and Joey Arteaga (SAC Member)

A new strategic plan following the year 2018 was also discussed, with an overall positive outcome.

We have some outstanding thought leaders around the table and everyone is actively sharing their passion and insights to deepen our brotherhood,” said Jeff Stuerman, Grand High Pi.  “Our current strategic plan runs through 2018; over the next twelve months, we will be working to update this plan to ensure that Lambda Chi Alpha continues to provide the opportunity for men to develop personally and professionally.”

In addition to the campus visit, Stead Leadership Seminar discussions were held as a debrief for each regional conference.

Grand High Zeta, SAC, and Fraternity staff work together during the formal board meeting

The culmination of the weekend came in the formal board meeting where all committees reported their findings and other fraternity business was discussed.

Though the main focus of the meeting centered around logistical fraternity business, both board and SAC members remembered the values which they were ultimately upholding.

“It is about experiencing the brotherhood through different stages of life: what it means, what it’s relevance is to you, what engagement with brothers of any age can do for you to help you grow as a man, as a leader, as someone who is making the difference in his world,” said Dave Huffine, Grand High Phi.

Student Advisory Committee holds their committee meeting

SAC members were able to share the undergraduate perspective to help the forward progress of the fraternity, as well.

“The biggest thing I take away is the honor of being able to provide input as an undergraduate,” said Jaren Wilt, SAC member.  “It’s huge, because a majority of the active organization are undergraduates and it’s the input that matter because these are the things that are going to start being implemented and will start affecting undergraduates. What I am looking forward to is being an undergraduate now, but when I’m an alumni member, I’ll have seen both sides of it and helped provide input and being an alumni and seeing things put into motion.”

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For more photos from this weekend, click on the image below.

Grand High Zeta Meeting Spring 2017