SEMO Alumnus Creates Scholarship in Memory of Late Father

Born in St. Louis Missouri, Nick Maddock graduated from Southeast Missouri State University in 2014 with degrees in Finance, Economics, and Entrepreneurial Management.

Maddock is grateful for everything Captial One has contributed to his scholarships and career.

Maddock then received a job at Capital One as a Financial Analyst and has just recently accepted a position as Cafe Launch Manager where he is involved in the facilitation the launch of their new Retail Branches across the United States.

In addition to his work at Capital One, Maddock has been involved in creating and funding scholarships for undergraduates at Southeast Missouri State University.

The first scholarship created by Maddock is called the Nicholas K. Maddock LGBT Ally Scholarship awarded annually to students who are involved in helping the LGBT community reach their goals in equality. This scholarship was created to encourage people to help fight issues in the LGBT community.

Last month, Maddock gifted the University $10,000 to establish a new scholarship called the Kevin J Maddock International Studies Scholarship. 

Maddock was able to graduate debt free through the aid of University scholarships. He hopes to allow students the same opportunities he had.

In his own life, Maddock found his study abroad experiences to be very useful in shaping him into the person that he is today and he wants to give other people the chance to have similar experiences.

The scholarship is dedicated to Maddock’s father in memory of his life.

Maddock hopes to keep the memory of his father alive through the scholarship.

“I wanted to do this in part to honor my Dad who I lost to suicide last year.” Maddock explains. “He always wanted to travel and see the world. Since his passing, I have been on a journey to spread his ashes around the world, already giving him over 25 new resting places across more than a dozen countries.”

With the scholarship, he hopes to offer someone the chance to go abroad who would not be able to without assistance.

Maddock notes that the scholarships would not be possible without help from Capital One.

“They have matched $8,000 in contributions I have made to the University foundation over the past 4 years,” says Maddock. “I am extremely grateful for the support they have given and the other amazing opportunities they have afforded me thus far in my short career.”

Lambda Chi has played a vital role in Maddock’s success by teaching him how to lead and providing him with connections that would last a life time.

“These leadership opportunities not only enabled me to succeed in the interview processes but also prepared me to show leadership in the workplace,” describes Maddock. “I am confident without the opportunities presented through my fraternity, I would not be where I am today.”