Six Elements to Planning a Successful Volunteer Event


FA-LCA-logo-color-print-largeHave you ever attempted to plan a volunteer event and turnout wasn’t what you expected? You’re not alone. It’s actually a common occurrence in many organizations.  It doesn’t have to be though. Many Lambda Chi Alpha chapters and colonies volunteer with a local food bank or food pantry throughout the semester. Though each chapter may face unique challenges, there are things each chapter can do to ensure a successful event.


Here are six ways you can plan a successful volunteer event at a local food bank.


  1. Plan early

By getting group events on food bank calendars as early as possible, you’ll help ensure a successful event. It is recommended that you plan your overall event six months in advance and contacting food banks at least three months prior to your event date to ensure reservations. If you’re looking to engage volunteers at multiple locations, begin even earlier!


  1. Assess the situation

Some questions you should consider in your assessment:

  • How many locations and volunteers might participate?
  • Did you host a preview volunteer event? If so, what were the successes & challenges?
  • Are there any internal requirements to be aware of when planning the event?
  • Will members be permitted to volunteer during regular business hours?
  • Are members already actively engaged with their local food banks?


  1. Set participation goals

What stats are you hoping to gather from the event? Examples include:

  1. X% of total members participate
  2. X% of Greek students on campus participate


  1. Consider additional support

Volunteers are critical to the organization’s ability to move more and do more! Are there other groups you can partner with to assist?


  1. Recruit chapter team leaders

Recruit volunteer leads from your chapter to work directly with food banks to confirm shift details and encourage participation.


  1. Gather stats

Tell members and everyone about all you’ve accomplished! Gather stats on pounds packed or sorted, hours volunteered, and number of volunteers on the date of the event to ensure accurate details. Also, don’t forget to take photos and blast them on all of your social media accounts using appropriate hashtags. Sharing photos with brothers, friends, and food banks encourages future participation and can be used in post-event communications.

For questions on how to plan a volunteer event, please contact Brandan Bonds at

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