University of Michigan Brothers Gather to Mourn the Loss of Peter Hart

Members of the Sigma Zeta chapter at the University of Michigan held a candlelight vigil March 7 to honor their brother, Peter Hart, who took his own life at the end of February.  As hundreds gathered on the lawn of the chapter house, memories were shared about the bright young man and the joy he brought the fraternity.

Friends and brothers gathered to remember Peter Hart (Photo credit, The Michigan Daily).

High Alpha Daniel Greene (who was also Hart’s big brother) addressed the group in remembrance of Hart.

“Peter Hart will always be loved, will always be missed,” said Greene, to the group and the Michigan Daily.  “But as his big, as his president, as his friend, most importantly, as his brother, I ask you to continue his legacy in challenging yourself to be slightly more honest with the world; to be slightly more open-minded.”

In addition to Lambda Chi Alpha  brothers, members of other Greek organizations across campus joined the vigil to show their support.

“I think it’s affecting us really hard since a lot of…guys deal with depression, so we all just want to let everyone know that you can always talk to someone,” said Michael Wysong, member of Kappa Sigma fraternity, to the Michigan Daily.

As brothers mourn the loss of Hart and try to make sense of the horrible tragedy, Greene reminds his members to celebrate the time they had with Hart and remember him for the crucial part of Lambda Chi Alpha that he was.

“Peter was a genuine and amiable brother who accepted people for who they were and was always more than willing to listen and provide support to whomever needed it,” stated Greene on his Facebook page.  “He always knew the perfect joke to interject in a conversation, and he was continuously open to sharing his experiences and opinions about the world. He was a true brother and an amazing student who truly cared for his friends and community.”

If you or someone close to you needs help or counseling, please call the National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Header image courtesy of Michigan Daily