Using Summer to Jump-start Recruitment

By: Chris Buck, Associate Director of Expansion

Summer break is quickly approaching and many of us have vacation, summer jobs and internship opportunities to look forward to, but don’t forget to save room for some recruiting, too.  Many chapters and colonies miss the opportunity to recruit in the summer to prepare for a more successful fall recruitment.  Here are the top five things you should being doing this summer to gear up for fall:

  1. Collect Referrals – do you know men who will be attending your college/university in the fall? If so, make a point of reaching out to these men: welcome them to campus, offer to show them around when they arrive, and plan to assist them with move-in. These small gestures can be a great starting point for the recruitment process. If you don’t know any guys who will be starting at your school in the fall, try contacting high school guidance counselors around the area to see if they know of male leaders who will be on campus in the fall. If you are offering a freshmen scholarship, this is a great starting point for a conversation with high school faculty and administration.
  2. Turn up your social media game – incoming students are going to be exploring organizations and determining which ones they want to check out when they arrive on campus. Make sure you are posting facts, testimonials, and pictures of what it means to be a Lambda Chi Alpha on your campus. These posts will demonstrate why prospective new members should be joining and what they can expect from this amazing experience.
  3. Get organized – if you are going into the summer without a fall recruitment plan, you are already behind. For the remainder of this semester and into summer, create a list of men you hope to target in the fall, a calendar of small activities and events potential members can attend, and a recruitment goal for the term.  If you are unsure where to start or want to have your recruitment plan reviewed, email it to
  4. Be present – most campuses offer and plan activities during the summer to get students excited for beginning their collegiate journey in the fall. If you have a chance to attend orientation sessions or welcome week events, makes sure Lambda Chi Alpha is represented. Each incoming freshman male should know who Lambda Chi Alpha is the first day they step on campus.
  5. Train up – the best recruiters practice and train to become great at recruiting. Holding a summer retreat to work on cold calling, 1:1 meetings/interviews, and pre-closing can be a great way to reinforce skills and generate excitement among the members. The more comfortable you are with building relationships and friendships with potential members, the better your chapter/colony’s recruitment is going to be.

If you just finished reading these fives things and are thinking, “boy, our chapter has a lot of work to do”, don’t worry you still have time to get ahead. Recruitment is a marathon, not a sprint that can be accomplished in one week. For a chapter or colony to get the high-quality new members they need, it takes time, planning, and practice. Aim to  get organized, promote your chapter/colony’s brand, and get ready to recruit from today until you reach your goal. Summer break just became all about stepping up your recruitment game.